Stabilisation of harbour beds exposed to high stress

The growing size and propulsive power of ships, the use of bow and stern thrusters for manoeuvring and the use of ship's engines (stern propeller, bow thruster) to berth or put to sea cause increasing jet erosion at wharves in seaports, which can pose a real threat to port installations. In view of these developments, harbour designers are compelled to look for new and more effective bed protection systems, because conventional systems like riprap can no longer withstand the forces encountered or are no longer feasible because of the large diameter of stone required.

To find an effective bed protection system, Colcrete – von Essen has had extensive large-scale model trials and full-scale flow tests conducted on riprap braced with Colcrete mortar and Colcrete mortar slab matting at Braun-schweig Technology University's Leichtweiss Hydraulic Engineering Institute. The results show that both Colcrete mortar slab matting and riprap braced with Colcrete mortar have very high flow resistance and withstand the impact of turbulence anticipated near the bed. Even extreme stresses are reliably withstood.