Offshore Service


The dynamic development in the offshore area, especially due to oil, gas and wind power projects, has resulted in an increasing need to provide services for the companies operating in these industries. Services which involve, particularly, the use of floating equipment. For such projects, Colcrete – von Essen has available a great variety of vessels and pontoons.

A main focus in the offshore service is set on providing services for major enterprises in the energy sector or in the telecommunications sector.

For example making available equipment for
  • assembling and dismantling production platforms
  • constructing foundations for wind power plants
  • the transport of piping for the laying of oil and gas pipelines
  • the transport of components for wind power plants
  • laying cables in the near-shore area

Another focus is all types of salvage work.

Additionally, there is a great variety of other assignments:
  • Divers need work platforms for their work.
  • Diving capsules have to be towed to and anchored at their positions.
  • Research institutes need vessels for drilling or surveying work.
  • Vessels and work pontoons have to be towed to different positions.