Modernising of the northern stone breakwater in Władysławowo - Poland

Contracting entitiy Maritime Office Gdynia, Polen
Execution time April 2007 to May 2008
In the harbour of Władysławowo, the northern breakwater was repaired and the filling between the breakwaters was consolidated. Furthermore, the demolished parts of the superstructure of the reinforced concrete structure and the demolished asphalt surface were restored. This work also included the demolition of an unused navigation aid tower.
Particular mention should be made of the consolidation by means of tetrapodes which were supplied and placed by Colcrete - von Essen.
Main scope of work:
22,000 m³ dredging work
6,000 m³
11,000 m²
geotextile mats laid and riprap placed
650 pcs
tetrapodes 5 and 8 tons made and placed