Geotextile Mat and Riprap Laying Unit

The laying unit consists of a geotextile mat laying pontoon, a riprapping unit and an excavator on a spud-rigged pontoon supplying the riprap.

The length and width of the geotextile mat are tailored to meet site requirements. The winding-off length of the geotextile mat depends on the breadth of the riprap.

The riprap is deposited immediately after a section of matting has been laid and the positioning of the laying unit has been fine-tuned. After riprapping, walking-spuds are used to warp the laying unit depending on the breadth of the riprap.

Identifying target positions and warping are done with the help of the geopositioning system DGPS. The laying unit is very compact and efficient. Owing to its capacity for high-precision positioning, gaps and overlaps are avoided.

slopes and beds in waterways for braced or non-braced armour