Expansion of the harbour of Ystad - Sweden

Contracting entity Ystads Kommun Hamnen, Sweden
Execution time March 2009 to December 2009
General description of the works:
In the harbour of Ystad, a mole consisting of 6 concrete caissons (15 x 5 x 10 m) was demolished. The demolition material was prepared on-site to be re-used for the following works. Subsequently, a new mole was built in the same position, consisting of a core filling and stone armour. In addition, an existing mole of natural stone was completed with erratic boulders and dredging work was carried out. The excavated material was transported away by hopper scows and dumped at sea.
Main scope of work:
100,000 m³ dredging work
demolition of 6 concrete caissons (existing mole L/W/H 15 m/5 m/10 m)
17,000 m³
armour stones
26,000 m³
core material
2,000 m³
supply and placing of erratic boulders
Special features of the site:
  • demolition work underwater with hydraulic hammers
  • breaking up and excavating extremely hard moraine clay soil
  • removal and taking away about 450 erratic boulders (2 – 5 tons)