Expansion of the ferry terminal Sassnitz, construction of new berth No. 9

Contracting entity Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH
Execution time July 2009 to October 2010
General description of the works
Construction of 215 m mixed quay wall in a harbour which is open towards the sea, incl. hydraulic steel structures, back-filling of sheet pile wall, anchorage and surface pavement.
Main scope of work:
1,300 t steel pipes 1620 x 20, 25.5 m to 27.5 m long, supplied and installed
270 t
intermediate piles L 23, 19 m long, supplied and driven
150 t
sheet pile wall anchor piles supplied and driven
76 pcs
round steel tie rods diameter 5¼’’, 29 m long, supplied and installed
10 pcs
compression and tension piles made of PH 400 x122 for anchor block
72 pcs
in-situ concrete piles
1,000 m³
reinforced concrete beam
4,700 m³
dredging work
61,000 m³
backfill soil
2,000 m²
surface pavement of concrete stones incl. drinking water supply and rainwater discharge lines as well as electrical lines
sheet pile wall equipment, consisting of 9 double bollards
1,000 kN, 12 fenders and 8 ladders