Colcrete Mortar

Colcrete mortar is a highly durable grouting compound made from cement, water and aggregate. Produced in a completely mechanical process, it contains no chemical additives. Its colloidal properties come from thoroughly mixing in a special Colcrete mixer. Once prepared, Colcrete mortar does not bond with water molecules, so there is no segregation under water. Its flow and pumping properties are excellent and its adhesive properties good. When set, Colcrete mortar is waterproof. It is resistant to mechanical attack by waves and tides and withstands chemical attack by river pollutants or seawater.

  • bracing and grouting diverse forms of armour for stabilising slopes and beds
  • bank, shore and coastal protection installations
  • foundations for power plants and reactors
  • retaining and revetment walls, dams and weirs
  • bridge abutments and bridge pier foundations
  • lighthouse foundations
  • quay walls
  • sluice, weir, drain well and sag pipe bottoms
  • sag pipe jacketing
  • roads, paths and test tracks
  • tunnels and drift mines