Colcrete Concrete Mat

The Colcrete concrete mat is an ideal structural element for construction in water. It consists of two specially interwoven synthetic woven fabrics serving as formwork for injected Colcrete mortar. The finished Colcrete concrete mat is of uniform thickness. It is seawater-resistant and can be supplied in non-permeable or permeable, flexible or rigid, lightweight or heavy designs. The final manufacture depends on the dimensions involved. Laying can be done above or under water.

  • stabilising beds and slopes
  • sealing hydraulic engineering installations (causeway section, overpass constructions)
  • sealing during construction
  • stabilising settlement-sensitive substrates for canal, river and marine engineering projects
  • harbour beds in front of berths and quays
  • stabilising foundations in front of storm tide dams
  • protecting structures from extreme waves or high current velocities
  • capping and ballasting sag pipes
  • blanketing and ballasting pipelines