Colcredur Soft Sealant

Colcredur is a new soft sealant for waterway engineering projects. Its constituents are sand, water and a compound made from various clay minerals and a hydraulic binder. Preparation is by the Colcrete method. At the end of the mixing process, Colcredur forms a colloidal, viscous mass. Colcredur can be pumped over long distances without segregation. It is laid by a specially developed, patented system which enables a uniform thickness to be ensured over the full area of a layer. Unlike conventional clay packing, Colcredur is laid wet in wet, so a monolithic layer of sealant is achieved. Colcredur remains permanently ductile and erosion-resistant. The Colcredur sealant layer is covered with a geotextile separation course or grain filter and then capped.

sealing waterways with a permeable bed and a surface above groundwater level (causeway sections)