The M/S Berghaus is specially equipped for stone dumping work and the placement of fascine mattresses. Fascine mattresses are placed by means of a sinking beam suitable to sink mattresses of up to 30 x 120 m to a water depth of up to 30 m. The mattresses are accurately positioned by using the geo-positioning system DGPS.

The M/S Berghaus has four hydraulically powered shields which make it possible to uniformly discharge the riprap. The shields can also be moved to one side, in order to use the deck as a platform for cranes of excavators. Three Schottel drive units make the M/S Berghaus easy to maneuver, giving it minimal turning-circle and can uniformly move sideways without anchors.

Due to its very low draught, the vessel can be used also in shallow water areas.

Besides the sinking beam and the four hydraulically powered shields the equipment includes two anchor piles of 20 m each, four winches of 80 kN each and a hydraulically operated crane.

Technical Data
Name: Berghaus
Type of vessel: Self-propelled work vessel
Year of construction: 1940
Modification: 1973, 2003 and 2010
Gross tonnage (GT): 327
Net tonnage (NT): 98
Length: 47.00 m
Width: 10.79 m
Moulded depth: 2.50 m
Draught: min. 1.40 m, max. 2.11 m
Load capacity: 488 t
Engine capacities: 2 x 225 kW plus 1 x 184 kW (Bugstrahler)
Navigation area: Küstenfahrt RSA (20 Sm)
  • 2 anchor piles
  • 4 hydraulically powered shields
  • 4 winches of 80 kN each
  • 1 hydraulic crane
  • autonavigation