Bank protection concept at the Lower Saxony Bank side

Contracting entity Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Cuxhaven
Execution time April 2011 to November 2012
General description of the works:
24 groins with lengths of about 40 m to 330 m were built along the Elbe river between Cuxhaven and Otterndorf. The groins were built on foundations of geotextile fascine mattresses with fascines tied to them as well as partly on sand ballast mats. The overall length of the construction site was 4.2 km.
The works were carried out both from the water and from the land. From the water, the fascine mattresses were floated-in with our work vessels and were sunk and positioned with our stone dumping vessel „Berghaus“. The groins were subsequently built on this foundation by means of placing various types of stones true to grade and slope.
Main scope of work:
47,000 m² Excavating of level ground
180,000 m²
fascine mattresses
36,000 m²
sand mats
130,000 t
hydraulic construction stones LMB 10/60
196,000 t
hydraulic construction stones LMB 40/300
207,000 t
hydraulic construction stones CP 60/200
22 pcs
sleeve foundation stones for navigational aids