Bank protection and breakwater at Boltenhagen marina (Lots 12, 13, 14, 15 and 23)

Contracting entity Gemeinde Ostseebad Boltenhagen
Execution time February 2006 to April 2008
General description of the works:

Within the framework of the development of the Baltic seaside resort Boltenhagen, comprehensive work was carried out to create a marina. This work comprised:

  • building a bank protection on the landside,
  • building a breakwater as a mole out of hydraulic engineering stones,
  • expanding/upgrading of the promenade in the new marina,
  • demolishing the old military harbour,
  • constructing a new harbour quay,
  • constructing a fishing mole incl. seabridge for the fishery harbour as well as the dredging work to create the desired depth of the harbour basin
Main scope of work
Bank protection:
950 t rear-anchored steel sheet pile wall with a length of about 450 m
800 lfdm
flood protection wall, consisting of prefabricated concrete parts and a wall in monolithic construction
480 lfdm
construction of armour
30,000 t
hydraulic construction stones, edge length of the stones up to 1.70 m
Breakwater system (harbour mole):
1,150 lfdm construction of armour
200,000 t
hydraulic construction stones supplied and placed
placement of fascine mattress (stone sizes 0 to 50 kgs)
placement of filters (stone sizes 40 to 200 kgs)
double-layer fascine mattress (stone sizes 1,000 to 3,000 kgs)