Aktivist and Glückauf

The carrier pontoons Aktivist and Glückauf are suited to be used in inland and maritime waterways. Hydraulic dredgers work on these vessels.

For transshipment and other hydraulic engineering work, the dredger can freely move in its work range.
Two walking studs make it possible for the pontoons to maneuver independently. The four hydraulic anchor piles are arranged in a way as to be able to work in a free slewing range of 220°.

Technical Data
Name: Aktivist und Glückauf
Type of vessel: Hydraulic anchor pile pontoon
Year of construction: 1971
Length: 33.26
Width: 8.18 m
Moulded depth: 1.80 m
Draught: 1.80 m
Load capacity: 220 t
Navigational area: Zones 2 to 4 except for the  Rhine
  • 2 anchors
  • 2 anchor piles of variable length