Hydrocrete® is a hydrostable construction material system that is erosion-resistant enough to free-fall through water even when wet. Hydrocrete® withstands current and wave attack without segregation. Hydrocrete® is produced on 450 t or 650 t river vessels equipped with mixers and distribution masts for laying Hydrocrete®. Aggregates and binders are supplied by 100 t and 180 t capacity flat-top barges. To brace riprap armour, Hydrocrete® is pumped onto the armour in the quantity required per m² using a mechanical spreader. Small areas, e.g. sheeting wall connections, are braced or concreted by divers.

  • bracing riprap armour
  • concreting thin bed plates under water
  • reinforced underwater concrete

Hydrocrete® production and laying projects are handled and executed by the Colcrete – von Essen subsidiary gewatech Grund- und Wasserbau GmbH & Co. KG.

Dipl. Ing. Justus Trentmann


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