The Cecilie is a pusher barge designed as a pontoon. With a maximum total pushing length of 115 m (up to 3 barges or pontoons), its own length is only 14.15 m. This shows advantages e.g. when passing through a lock, if two barges or pontoons can be coupled for one lock passage.

Equipped with 2 main engines, the boat can be turned around, cast off or moored in an extremely confined space.

Due to its low draught, the Cecilie can also be used in shallow water areas for the transport and   positioning of floating equipment.

The vessel has two rooms with two beds each, a kitchen and a sanitary room.

Technical Data
Name: Cecilie
Type of vessel: Pusher barge
Year of construction: 1965
Modification: engines 1997
Length: 14.15 m
Width: 8.17 m
Moulded depth: 4.80 m
Draught: 1.17 m
Engine capacity: 2 x 128 kW
Navigational area: Zones 2 to 4 except for the Rhine
  • push switch
  • coupling winches