FvE 20

The FvE 20 is a powerful carrier vessel for dredging and pipe-driving work on inland and maritime waterways. The deck is covered with wooden planks forming excavator mats, so that the work units can freely move on deck.
Excavators/dredgers of up to 50 t can be used on the pontoon.
The four hydraulic anchor piles are arranged in a way as to be able to work in a free slewing range of 220°.

Technical Data
Name: FvE 20
Type of vessel: Stelzenponton
Year of construction: 2003
Modification 2011
Length: 33.05 m
Width: 8.93 m
Moulded depth: 1.46 m
Draught: max. 1.13 m
Load capacity: 253 t
Navigational area: Zones 2 to 4 except for the Rhine
  • 4 anchor piles of variable length
  • 1 anchor
  • hydraulic unit
  • Acceleration and overrun protection