FvE 2

The FvE 2 is a carrier vessel for excavating/dredging and pile-driving work in the navigational area from Basel to the open sea. The deck is covered with wooden planks forming excavator mats, so that the work units can freely move on deck.
Excavators of more than 50 t can be used on the pontoon. The four hydraulic anchor piles are arranged in a way as to be able to work in a free slewing range of 220°.

Technical Data
Name: FvE 2
Type of vessel: Hydraulic anchor pile pontoon
Year of construction: 1964
Modification: 2011
Length: 31.40 m
Width: 12.00 m
Moulded depth: 1.80 m
Draught: 1.43 m
Load capacity: 320 t
Navigational area: from Basel to the open sea
  • 4 anchor piles of variable length