The Eduard is a big and powerful carrier vessel for pile-driving and excavation/dredging work. It is mainly used in coastal areas and maritime waterways. For maneuvering and positioning, the pontoon has 4 hydraulic winches of 100 kN each and 2 anchor piles of 20, 30 or 50 m.

On one half of the deck, a stationary deck crane is provided for the transshipment of material or tools as well as for the warping of the anchor piles.

Half of the pontoon’s surface is covered by a raised wooden deck. This area is suited for the storage of material to be rammed or for the use of a mobile excavator/crane with a maximum dead weight of 140 tons.

For pile-driving work, the work pontoon Eduard is usually equipped with the cable-operated crawler crane Liebherr HS 883 HD. The boom has a length of 50 m and can be extended to 74 m. The additional ballast is 8.4 tons. The maximum load capacity with the shortest length of boom is 120 tons.

Technical Data
Name: Eduard
Type of vessel: Hydraulic anchor pile pontoon
Year of construction: 1974
Modification: 2002
Gross tonnage (GT): 574
Net tonnage (NT): 172
Length: 40.30 m/39.00 m
Width: 17.82 m/16.20 m
Moulded depth: 3.42 m
Draught: max. 2.08 m
Load capacity: 1035 t
Navigational area: Coastal area RSA (20 Sm)
  • 2 anchor piles
  • 4 hydraulic rope winches
  • 1 power set