The Gerhard is a carrier vessel, which, being semi-submersible, offers a good stability for pile-driving and excavating work in coastal areas, in harbours and in maritime waterways. The lifting device is automated in a way as to ensure stability also during falling or rising water in tidal areas. This feature ensures achieving high accuracies during pile-driving work. The carrier vessel has 2 access ramps of 120 tons each and can fall dry.

Maneuvering and mooring are carried out by means of 4 hydraulic rope winches of 150 kN each and 4 hydraulic lifting spuds each with a length of
30 m, with automatic control.

The entire surface of the deck is covered with wooden planks to ensure that working devices can freely move. Dredgers or cranes can be used up to a weight per device of 250 tons.

For pile-driving work, the semi-submersible vessel „Gerhard“ is usually equipped with the cable-operated crawler crane Liebherr HS 895 HD. The boom has a length of 20 m and can be extended to 84 m. The additional ballast is 20.4 tons. The maximum load capacity with the shortest length of boom is 200 tons.

For extra work, the use of an additional cable-operated crane or of a mobile excavator is possible. Raked piles can also be rammed-in using a leader system.

Technical Data
Name: Gerhard
Type of vessel: Semi-submersible
Year of construction: 1964
Modification: 2010/2011
Gross tonnage (GT): 531
Net tonnage (NT): 159
Length: 60.06 m
Width: 15.11 m
Moulded depth: 2.13 m
Draught: max. 1.35 m
Load capacity: 670 t
Navigational area: Coastal area RSA (20 Sm)
  • 4 lifting spuds
  • 4 hydraulic rope winches
  • 2 ramps

Additional working devices such as cable-operated cranes, leaders or pile-driving equipment can be provided variably.