The Seebergen is a self-propelled hydraulic anchor pile pontoon to be used in coastal areas and on maritime waterways. It’s 2 hydraulic anchor piles at the bow and one walking spud in the stern area make it possible to accurately position the M/S Seebergen.

It can falI dry in tidal flats or in beach areas.

The M/S Seebergen is used as
  • carrier vessel
  • work pontoon and
  • hydraulic anchor pile pontoon

The M/S Seebergen can carry out dredging with accuracies in the centimeter range. By means of a specially designed Komatsu PC1250-7 and the computer-aided control system, accuracies of +10 cm are achieved in profile.

The dredging work can be recorded and monitored by means of an underwater monitoring unit. The dredger is firmly fixed to the M/S Seebergen. It has a high tear-out force and can also cope with hard soils.

Being equipped with a Colcrete mixing plant and a cement silo or with a Colcrete underwater placement gear, respectively, the M/S Seebergen can also be used for placing Colcrete mortar. The DGPS positioning system will ensure great accuracy during positioning.

Furthermore, the M/S Seebergen is used for
  • pile-driving work
  • unloading and placing of riprap
  • dproduction and placing of fascine matrasses

Technical Data
Name: Seebergen
Type of vessel: Hydraulic anchor pile pontoon
Year of construction: 1977
Modification: 1998
Gross tonnage (GT): 320
Net tonnage (NT): 96
Length: 41.46 m
Width: 11.50 m
Moulded depth: 3.05 m
Draught: max. 2.48 m
Load capacity: 678 t
Engine capacity: 191 kW
Navigational area: Coastal area
  • VHF-station
  • Radio station
  • 3 anchor piles of variable length, thereof 1  walking spud