The M/S Segerdiek is a flat-top barge. It is a work vessel with a particularly low draught, especially suited for tidal flats and river estuaries. The M/S Segerdiek has 2 anchor piles and additional rope winches. It’s particularly robust design makes it possible for M/S Segerdiek to fall dry in tidal flats or in-shore areas.

Depending on the work to be carried out, M/S Segerdiek will be equipped with additional devices:
  • with a Colcrete mixing plant
  • with a hydraulic excavator for riprap and fascine mattress laying work
  • with carriers for pile-driving, milling or excavating work


Technische Daten
Name: Segerdiek
Type of vessel: Self-propelled work vessel
Year of construction: 1963
Modification 2008
Gross tonnage (GT): 113
Net tonnage (NT): 79.07
Length: 33.80 m
Width: 8.57 m
Moulded depth: 1.70 m
Draught: max. 1.40 m
Load capacity: 209 t
Engine capacity: 276 kW
Navigational area: Navigation in tidal flat areas
  • 2 anchor piles of variable length
  • mobile ramp